Seascope Group is a trading house involved in International & domestic trade and has been a global player for almost two decades. Group apart from domestic operations, have been reaching to the American Continent, Europe, Middle East, Southern Africa, South East Asia, Australia and Newzealand

Seascope Impex Pvt.Ltd. the flagship of the group is the largest trading house of our group working in tandem with Seascope Exports Pvt.Ltd. each specialising in its chosen field of expertise. The group has a vast product mix having an large array of products like Spices Seeds & Henna Hair Dyes, Henna Hair Color, Food products, Cooking Utensils, Incense Sticks just to name a few.

Seascope Group
through its various companies is today one of the strong exporting and importing Corporates in the country who have now diversified into Information Technology Industry through its IT Arm Seascope Infotech Pvt.Ltd.

A global perspective, with indivisual focus on consumer needs has always helped us grow and support our clientele.


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