Indian Spices & Seeds

Spices are common and popular condiments used in cooking, variety of food delicacies all over the world. We offer you quality spices contributing their distinct aroma, taste, flavor and color to meals.
The story of Indian Spices dates back to 7000 years into the past. Spice is defined as "a strongly flavored or aromatic substance of vegetable origin, obtained from tropical plants, commonly used as a condiment". In ancient times, they were as precious as gold; and as significant as medicines, preservatives and perfumes. India - the land of spices, plays a significant role in the global spice market.

Spice term was formerly applied also to pungent or aromatic foods, to ingredients of incense or perfume and to embalming agents. Modern usage tends to limit the term to flavorings used in food or drinks, although many spices have additional commercial uses, e.g., as ingredients of medicines, perfumes, incense, and soaps. Aromatically scented herbal products have been used since ancient times to flavor food and for preparing incenses and perfumes.

The very word "Spice" kindles the taste buds and brings pleasure to the mind. A well-equipped Indian kitchen has all major varieties of spices stocked. Spices in Indian food are not heavy and although Indian food is not bland, most Indian dishes are delicately spiced to enhance the flavor of the main cooking ingredient.

Indian Spices & Seeds

Indian Spices & Seeds
Indian Spices & Seeds

Seascope Group is a major exporter of Indian spices, cooking spices, spices seeds and herbal products. With over 10 years of sourcing experience, Seascope is today regarded as a Connoisseur and a veteran supplier.
Curry Powder
Cumin (Jeera)
Fennel (Saunf)
Fenugreek (Methi)
Coriander (Dhaniya)
Chilly Whole (Mirch)
Dill Seeds (Suva)
Black Cardamom (Elcha)
Black Pepper (Kali Mari)
Sabudana (Sago)
Sesame (Till)
Mustard (Rai)
Poppy Seeds (Khus Khus)
Turmeric Fingers
Ginger Whole
Garam Masala Whole
Anardana Seeds
Dhana Dal Roasted

Kasuri Methi Leaves Dried
Phudina Leaves Dired / mint leaves
Coriander Leaves Dried
Bay Leaves (Tej Patta)
Kokum Phool
Black Kokum
Elaichi Seeds
Samo Seeds
Kodri Seeds
Aserio Seeds
Amchur Slices
Green Cardamom
Shingoda Whole
Cinnamon Sticks
Star Ani Seeds (Badiyan)
Ganthoda (Pipramul)
Bleached Cardamom


Spices are indispensable in culinary art, contributing their distinct aroma, taste, flavor and color. Some of these spices are used as appetizers, others as preservatives and still others are taken as a digestive. Many of them are rich in medicinal properties and are used in pharmaceutical, perfumery and cosmetic products.

Spices are well-known as appetizers and are considered essential in the culinary art all over the world. They add tang and flavor to otherwise insipid foods. Some of them also possess antioxidant properties, while others are used as preservatives in some foods like pickles and chutneys, etc.

Spices can improve the palatability and the appeal of dull diets or spoiled food. Piquant flavors stimulate salivation and promote digestion. Pungent spices can cause sweating, which may even cause a cooling sensation in tropical climates; on the other hand they can add a sense of inner warmth when present in cooked foods used in cold climates

Spice and herbs are good not only for our taste buds but also for our health. They supply calcium, iron, vitamin B, vitamin C, carotene and other antioxidants. For instance fresh parsley has been linked with cancer prevention due to its antioxidant content and spicy food is much more appealing than a vitamin pill.

We offer following wide range of seeds:
Coriander Seeds
Curry Powder
Celery Seeds
Chillies Fennel Seeds  
Cumin Seeds Sesame Seeds  

Coriander Seeds

Among one of the first spices used by mankind, Coriander seeds, is the seed of Coriandrum sativum, which belongs to the parsley family. The coriander seeds are almost round in shape and brown to yellowish red in color. It is a fragrant spice, with a mild, distinctive taste. It is widely used as a condiment in foods, beverages, marinades, desserts and sweet pastries and American cigarettes. It is also valued for its medicinal properties.
Curry Powder
Indian Curry Powder is the exquisite blend of many spices. It is widely used in the Indian cuisine as well as in dishes of Southeast Asia. It can be used as a condiment in dips, marinades and salads.
Celery Seeds
Celery seeds are the dried fruit of Apium graviolens, which belongs to the parsley family. The seeds are very small, oval-shaped and light Green in color. They have a crisp texture subtle flavour. The celery seeds was initially used as a medicine only. Soon it started appearing in pickling recipes and before long people started using it more widely in cooking. Today, celery seeds are extensively used in foods and beverages.
An indispensable and probably the most popular culinary spice in the world, chilly, has a pungent flavor. India is the largest exporter of this widely used spice. We can deliver Chillies ground from 20,000 SHU to 60,000 SHU and Crushed Chillies from 5 mm to 8 mm cut.
Cumin Seeds
Cumin seeds are the seeds of Cuminum cyminum, which belongs to the parsley family. It is pale green in color and elliptical in shape with deep furrows Cumin seeds has a penetrating flavour and aroma. Cumin seeds are used commercially as a principal ingredient in curry powder and is extensively used in Mexican dishes and marinades for meats.
Dill Seeds
Dill is the dried fruit of the herb Anethum graveolens, which belongs to the parsley family. Dill seeds are oval-shaped, soft and fluffy and has a pungent and aromatic flavor.

Dill seeds have been used since ancient times. The Romans actually used them as a stimulant for gladiators! Today it is widely used in pickling and in German, Russian, Scandinavian and Indian dishes, salad dressing, soup and the preparation of cottage cheese
Edible Groundnut (Peanut)
India and China are the world's largest producers of groundnut. The main use of groundnut is as a source of edible oil. However, high oil and protein content make it an important food ingredient. Groundnut is also a valuable source of E, K and B vitamins.

Groundnut cakes are formed after the oil is extracted and these are high protein animal feed. With proper processing, people also use the cake to make products, such as biscuits and baby foods. Hence, groundnut (peanut) is widely used in confectionery and oil crushing industries.
Fenugreek Seeds
Fenugreek seeds are a dried, ripe seed of the herb Trigonella foenum - graecum. It is brownish-yellow in color and is one of the oldest cultivated medicinal plants.

Fenugreek is primarily used as food, condiment, medicine, dye and animal feed. It is widely used as an ingredient in curry powder. It is also found in pickle mixes, chutneys and confectionery
Fennel Seeds
Fennel seeds are the dried fruit of Foeniculum vulgare, which belongs to the parsley family. It is oval in shape and green or yellowish brown in color. It has a slightly sweet flavour.

Fennel is generally used as a condiment and culinary spice in food and beverages.
Sesame Seeds
Sesame Seed is the seed of Sesamum indicum. It is yellowish, whitish or black in colour and has a nut-like, mild flavor.
Natural Sesame Seeds
It is rich in vitamin B and is an important nutritional additive to salads and dressings. It is extensively used to embellish bakery products such as sesame seeds on bread, breadsticks, cookies and candies and as a garnish on pasta and vegetables. It is also used in curry dishes.
Hulled Sesame Seeds
Natural sesame seed is cleaned before hulling. Sesame seeds are hulled in fresh water tanks with no additives or chemicals. This process implies that the seeds retain all natural richness and flavour, while losing its skin. Hulled sesame seeds enrich bakery and confectionery products. It is also the basis for creamy sweet wholesome Tahini.
Turmeric is the dried root of Curcuma Longa. It has a tough brown skin and bright orange flesh.

Turmeric is used extensively in Indian dishes and is a major ingredient in curry powder. It is routinely added to mustard blends and relishes. It has excellent medicinal properties and is used throughout Asia to treat stomach and liver ailments and applied externally to heal sores. Moreover, it is used as a cosmetic as well as a dye.

India is the world's primary producer of turmeric. Indian turmeric is considered to be the best in the world. It is available in whole or ground (powdered) form.

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